"They say before you start a war,
you better know what you’re fighting for
Well baby you’re all that I adore
If love is what you need,
a soldier I will be."
"People who stay awake till late night are more intelligent than the people who go to bed early and rise early for the day, study suggests."
Anonymous whispered: "My friend has suicidal thoughts, she has a pretty good life but her boyfriend recently broke up with her. What can I do/help her out? She's gorgeous & doesn't deserve this."

If you are a true friend, you will take her out, spoil, pamper her buy her new clothes so that she COMPLETELY forgets about this jerk.Tell her a new, better boy is coming her way and that she just has to be patient. Tell her that you will love her and always be there for her and tell her that everything works out for a reason!!! -

Stephace xx 

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